Friday, August 1, 2008

Top 10 Hyderabad Hangouts

Bored in the weekends?
Wondering what to do with friends over spare time?
Here is my choice of some of the best hangouts in the city.

  1. Runway 9: Being a speed maniac, Runway 9 tops my list. 17 Kms from the city on the Medchal Highway, this place offers the largest Karting track in India. Apart from Go-Karting, Runway 9 also offers various fun activities such as Foose ball, TT, Skating, Pool parlor, archery and many more. It also hosts an Inhouse Pub called Chequered Flag and a restaurant. Atleast 3 hours of guarenteed fun!!
  2. Alleygator: If playing snookers, bowling and video games is all you want to do the whole day, then Alleygator is the place. This one stop entertainer is dotted with four lines of bowling alleys, six pool tables, a wide variety of video games etc. The cafeteria here serves mouth watering food. The alleygator also has a 34-seater private theatre which is offered on hire. It is located in Secunderabad on SD Road, beside the Clock tower.
  3. Xtreme Sports Bar: This is THE place for all those who enjoy couple of beers and sports alike. With huge screens all around, Sports can become a lot of fun here.. more so because of the accompaniments . Do make it a point to go to this pub if you are a sports fan!!
  4. Drive around Shamirpet: Its a pleasant drive which is about 35-40 Kms from the city. Shamirpet Lake is the best spot around there where you can even camp and do some hiking activities. There are quite a few Dhabas on the way where you can have food.
  5. Speed Boat Ride: If speed is your idea of fun, then this is a must try. You hitch a speed boat ride from Lumbini park on tankbund and circle around the Hussain Sagar.
  6. Prasad's IMAX: This place turned out to be one of the hottest spots in the city very fast. Enjoyed by kids and dudes alike (for totally different reasons ofcourse!), Prasads has all the ingredients to become a converging centre for fun-filled activities. Right from movies to videogames, icecreams, tattoos, scary houses, 3D... 4D... 96D, it seems to accomodate everything in that four storeyed building.
  7. Ocean Park, Treasure Island and Jalvihar: Like in any metro, Hyderabad also plays host to a couple of water theme parks where one can get indulged in wave pools, dance floors, thrill rides and a lot more. You can easily spend a day at any of these. Entry ticket is about 150-200 bucks each.
  8. Gandipet Lake: Similar to the Shamirpet lake, this is also a huge lake on the outskirts at about 20 Kms from the city. There are many eateries around so food is never a problem. The surroundings here are very pleasant and landscaped gardens with a swimming pool are among the recently added attractions. You can laze around, explore around the lake.
  9. Resorts: There are many resorts that have sprawled in and around Hyderabad. Pragati, Celebrity and Dream Valley to name a few. Swimming pools, billiards, TT and various other sporting activities are present in almost all of these resorts. These are more fun when visited in a group of 5-6.
  10. Lounge Habits: These are your great escape from the hustle and bustle of urban living - watch movies on home theater systems, play XBOX/WII on the same, Board Games, Pool, TT, Foose ball and read books - over good food and great company.try It out.. Its FUN!

Any other places that you know of .. Drop in a comment.


Venu Gopal Kasturi said...

pani paata lekunda oori meedha bevars ante idhe mari :P ... thanks for the info though (mi8 come useful someday :) )

Venu Gopal Kasturi said...

ny info how can actually go to these places ???

Sriram Makineedi said...

Some of the links are clickable.. so you can get more info there.. other gimme a call!

Batchu said...

Good blog for hyd noobies....but it will be excellent if u gic any funda abt whr n how do we get hot chiks in hyd....wat ya say...?

Anonymous said...

Hyd doesn't offer you chicks man...if you are looking for chicks, you are in the wrong place !!!

Mona said...

Thats a good list to refer to.

Lunatic said...

Nice list to refer to for sure. Seems like you are the active kind. I actually expected pubs and hookah joints to figure in the list. This though, is a pleasant surprise...Keep blogging.

Anonymous said...

How bout Inorbit Mall, Outer Ring Road, Falaknuma Place, Museums, Mocca Cafe, Beyond Coffee, Botanical Garden, Secret Lake.. i can go on and on... ;)

sanjeev said...

'm FROM BANGALORE. . AND LL BE in the city for 5 dAYS. . .CAN I FIND ANY HANG OUT GROUP. . ??

Movie Stuff said...

Nice Collection.....

suresh said...

Nice blog...really useful fa dose hu r new to the city...I need some gutsy hangouts n lots of suggest some...

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Swathi said...

I am new to city..can someone suggest me decent places to visit in two days..

Swathi said...

I am new to city..can someone suggest me decent places to visit in two days..

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